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Tuesday Toning Tread + Booty (and pregnancy friendly!)

fitness Jan 02, 2018

You don't always need to use the treadmill for running!  Grab a resistance band, set your tread to an incline, and get ready for some serious booty burn (Laur's been loving this workout even at 38 weeks pregnant!)  Give this one a try:

25 minutes, 5 rounds through:

1. 1 minute lateral walk (left side) at 1.0-1.5mph, 5% incline *remember to stay low

2. 15 second rest/transition aka switch sides

3. 1 minute lateral walk (right side) at 1.0-1.5mph, 5% incline *remember to stay low

4. 15 second rest/transition aka take off band carefully

5. 1 minute incline walk 3.0-4.0mph, 10% incline (or higher!)

6. 15 second rest/transition

7. 1 minute recovery walk 3.0-4.0mph flat incline

8. 15 second rest/transition aka put band back on if using

9. Repeat!



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