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Review of Asics Dynaflyte

reviews May 19, 2019

What shoes for what activities and why!?

You guys are always asking what shoes we run in so we are going to begin trying a handful of new shoes and will give you our honest reviews on them.

We’re going to kick this off by telling you about our current favorite shoe, the Asics Dynaflyte.

Why we are currently loving the Asics Dynaflyte:

  1. Versatile - We run sprints AND distance in these (so rare to find a shoe that suits both)!
  2. Cushioning/protection - Impact absorption is huge for any shoe we're putting higher mileage on and injury prevention is key.
  3. Responsive - This is huge for us because we love having proprioception and an energetic ride, aka being able to feel the ground and get bounce back each step.
  4. Lightweight - Coming in at 8oz, they are super lightweight, especially for a high mileage shoe.
  5. Comfortable - They've been comfortable and reliable through our 5ks, 10ks, half marathon and Ragnar, causing zero aches and pains!

Who we recommend this shoe for: neutral runners looking for a fast shoe that can handle high mileage!

All of that said, we would be remiss to say that the Dynaflyte 3 is our favorite when really we actually loved the 2 even better!

Doesn’t it always seem that as soon as you fall in love with a shoe they alter the next version of it and it’s just not quite the same?!

But still, we do love and wear the Dynaflyte 3…

Click here to find the Dynaflyte 2 and Dynaflyte 3


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