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15-Minute Full Body Workout: Abs, Glutes, Thighs & More!

fitness Jul 23, 2019

We love quick workouts that we can fit in in a pinch, or after a HIIT cardio workout. Today's 15-minute full-body workout requires only a bench and stopwatch! You will be performing 4 exercises before a 1 minute rest and another 3 rounds:

1. Squats- 60 seconds

  • We love squats over a bench because it helps you to focus on better range of motion. Be sure to keep a proud chest, weight in your heels and sit back to tap (if you can) the bench each rep.

2. Duck Walks- 30 seconds

  • Staying in a low squat with a proud chest and engaged core, slowly take a few steps forward and backwards the length of the bench. The goal is to keep from straightening out your legs the entire 30 seconds (and yes, your glutes will be on fire)!

3. Burpee + Bench Hop- 60 seconds

  • Hop your feet out into a high plank position on the bench with your shoulders directly over your wrists and a long line from your neck to your tail bone. Keep a flat back as you work a push-up (if you feel you're losing form, only lower halfway down). Jump your feet back in and hop onto the bench, landing softly in a squat position. Step back down and repeat. Modification: step out/up instead of jump

4. Knee-to-elbow + Up-down- 30 seconds

  • Beginning in a high plank position, cross opposite knee to meet opposite elbow while keeping your core engaged. Come back to high plank and work the opposite side. Come back to high plank and drop down to both forearms and back up to a high plank. Repeat. The goal during the up-down is to keep your hips from rocking side to side. Modification: take out the up-down and just work knee-to-elbows.

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