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Tips For Staying on Track This Holiday Season

fun Nov 24, 2017

The holidays are officially upon us!  With Thanksgiving behind us and the Winter holidays on our minds, it’s hard not to worry (at least a little bit) about falling off the wagon with our health and fitness.  It’s so easy to want to just give up and dive back in after the New Year, but does it really feel good to do that?!  Why create the extra work when just a couple of small tweaks might save you from unnecessary dieting and stress.  Stick with us and cruise through this season feeling (and looking) great!


 1.     Water

We’ve all been told a thousand times to “drink lots of water,” but do you know why?!  Water will not only aid in digestion and keep you hydrated, but it can also help ward off cravings and help you to feel full!  Try drinking a full glass of water before each meal and see how it affects your hunger. 

2.     Commit to a doable workout routine – consistency is key!

We aren’t suggesting that now is the time to dive head first into a new routine or gym.  But, if you can commit to a doable workout plan that fits into YOUR schedule, and stick to it, chances are you’re not only going to look and feel better, but you’ll probably be less likely to go down the holiday treat spiral…who wants to undo their hard work?!

3.     Enjoy the festivities, just be mindful

This is such a fun and magical time of year it would be crazy for us to tell you not to enjoy it!  All we suggest here is considering whether or not you really want what you’re grabbing for (food or drink) before grabbing just because it’s in front of you.  We are totally guilty of watching a movie and eating an entire bag of popcorn or pint of ice cream, but were we really enjoying it THAT much halfway through??

4.     Be okay with saying NO

It’s okay not to indulge in every relatives “favorite dish” or every “party food.”  If you don’t want it, don’t worry what other people think, do what works for YOU.  If you feel guilty for not trying someone’s specialty dish, take a small bite and move on.  Worry less about what other people think and more about what’s best for you. 

5.     Stay Connected…in person!

It’s easy to get sucked into social media this time of year wondering what everyone else has planned for their holidays, but will this really make you happy?  Why not try and focus on your plans and your loved ones instead?  Go for a walk, call a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile, take a morning off and grab coffee at a local shop, or just cozy up early one evening and watch your favorite movie.  The more content you are with what you’re doing, the less stressed out you are and the less likely you are to overeat. 

6.     Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Isn’t that what it’s really all about?!


Most of you know by now that we love Athleta and wholeheartedly believe in the functionality of their workout apparel.  So, why would we choose Athleta as our Pick of the Week this week?!  Truth be told, they also have some of the most cozy and comfortable athleisure wear!  And, the better we’re feeling, the more confident we are, and the less likely we are to get sucked into emotional eating over the holidays!  Whether grabbing coffee with a friend, going on a walk, or even heading out at night, we can always find something we love while keeping that athlete (cue comfy clothing) in us alive!  Oh, and I (Lauren) was even able to find comfy/cute options with my 32-week bump! Sold!

And to make this “Pick” even better, Athleta is running a sale for 20% off of almost everything (ending Sunday)!  They rarely run sales, so take advantage and let us know your favorite pieces! (We are wearing a lot of our faves in the pics above ;)). 


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