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The Vacation That Left Us Feeling Relaxed, Energized, and Fitter Than When We Arrived

fitness fun Jul 20, 2018

A vacation that includes relaxation and great food doesn't have to ruin your fitness goals. At Rancho La Puerta, you really can have it all.  

Having a blast leading a sunrise trail run! There are endless trails for all levels of hiking or running

After spending a full week at The Ranch, complete with a beautiful morning hike prior to breakfast every day, we felt compelled to come home and give you 5 reasons for why we would suggest heading to Rancho La Puerta for a girls' getaway:

1.  Endless Fitness Classes

Don't let this intimidate you!  With 50+ fitness classes to choose from every day, we had the option to keep it low-key with meditation or yoga, cool off with a pool workout, or hit it hard with a cardio or sculpt class.

We totally fell in love with pickleball! Borderline anxiety deciding which amazing classes to take!

2. Farm Fresh and Portion Controlled Meals

Don't worry, you can always ask for seconds! With incredible breakfast/lunch buffet options and 4-course dinners, it wasn't hard to find delicious options to refuel and suit our mood. 

Ok, we may not have "portion-controlled" breakfast too well, but it was too good to resist!

3.  State of the Art Spa

Massages, facials, and manicures are never a bad idea on vacation!  We personally opted for sports massages (you know we were taking all of the "most challenging" classes :)), but there were tons of great and relaxing options as well.  

We made sure to exhaust ourselves on the obstacle course BEFORE our massages

4.  The Ability to Truly Disconnect

Located on a 4,000-acre nature reserve, upon arriving we were provided with a cell phone "sleeping bag" as guests are highly encouraged not to use cell phones in public spaces.  Wi-fi lounges are available if needed, but we personally enjoyed taking a bit of a break from technology (no TV's either!)

Kel enjoying a glass of wine on the patio of our adorable casita

5.  Enrichment Classes

With options ranging from nutrition workshops and motivational speakers to cooking classes, we found there was always something fun and interesting to get into.  We had the opportunity to participate in a "Hands-on" cooking class with Su-Mei Yu, renowned chef and founder of San Diego's Saffron restaurant.  We helped to create an amazing 7-course Indian feast (we opted for the dessert in attempts to not ruin any recipes;)).

Almost time to feast!

Needless to say, we had an absolutely incredible, rejuvenating and fun-filled week! If you're ready to plan your next vacation, check out Rancho La Puerta!

xoxo L and K


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