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Why You Need A Strong Core As A Runner

core fitness Apr 07, 2019

Being former sprinters, maintaining a strong core has always been a priority. 

Not only does a strong core help to prevent lower back pain and improve posture, but it helps you to maintain proper form throughout tough workouts!  
Although we love strengthening our core throughout functional movements in our strength workouts, we also aim to include a 6-minute core finisher at least once a week!  This is one of our favorite ADVANCED core workouts, so be sure to focus on proper form and take breaks or modifications when necessary.

1. Hollow Body Rocks
In order to maintain a smooth rocking motion, your core needs to be engaged and lower back pressed into the mat. This exercise is great because the minute you compromise form and arch your lower back, you'll lose the rocking momentum. Be sure to remember to breathe!
2. Running Mans
Beginning in a boat pose, this exercise takes a bit of balance and coordination. The goal is to extend long and use your core to pull opposite elbow and knee to touch.
3. Straight Leg Situps
Since many core exercises engage and can burn out your hip flexors, this is a great addition to provide them some relief.  With straight legs and a flat back, work a full situp without using momentum to get to the top.  Focus on lowering back down to your mat as slowly as possible, engaging your core the entire time.
4.  3-way Toe Touches
A spin on regular toe touches, this exercise works into your obliques.  Engage your core, press your lower back into the mat, and lift both shoulders off of the mat during each rep.  Be sure to control your momentum back onto your mat before repeating.  

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