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Get Faster With This Quick, 15 Min Glute & Balance Workout

fitness May 12, 2019

Most runners think that the secret to PRing on race day includes more miles, but that's simply not true.

The real secret is to build more strength, particularly in your glutes!

We designed this quick 15-minute workout to help runners improve their balance and glute strength.

It will get your heart rate up and leave you sore...but it's worth it!

All you need is a 12-18 inch step bench. We use this bench with 4 risers but here is a great inexpensive option.

Side Squat + Curtsy Lunge (Right Side)
  • Begin with your right foot on the bench and keep your weight in your heels, sending your booty back in a squat with your left foot on the ground. Remember to keep your chest lifted and core engaged!
  • Press through your entire right foot as you step over the bench and lunge DIAGONALLY into a curtsy lunge, dropping your back left knee.  Remember to keep your shoulders and hips squared to the front (if you’re doing correctly, you should feel in your outer right glute).
  • Drive through your right foot again, and repeat.
  • This isn’t for speed, so take slow and focus on your form and core engagement to help with balance.
Up and Overs
  • Keeping your shoulders lifted (squat low vs. bending at the waist), hop up and over the bench staying low the entire time. Option to touch your hand to the bench (to keep you lower) or keep them lifted if you prefer.
  • This is for cardio and leg burnout, so stay low and keep up a good pace, it’s just 30 seconds!
Side Squat + Curtsy Lunge (left side)
  • Same as the right side, just switch feet
Squat + Bench Hop
  • Keeping your weight in your heels, squat down as close to 90 degrees as you can over your bench, keeping your shoulders from rounding and core engaged.
  • Drive through both feet and hop up onto your bench
  • Hop down directly into a squat, landing softly and repeat
  • If hopping is too much impact, step up quickly and down quickly instead

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