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SISSFiT's Nutrition Guide is practical nutritional education and advice for people on the go.


Our Nutrition Philosophy

Our approach to nutrition isn’t about deprivation or taking out all the foods you love. That’s unsustainable, not fun, and will make you cranky. Life’s too short to be miserable!

Rather, we encourage you to develop a mindset of balance, allowance, and enjoyment. We promote eating whole foods as much as possible -- but leaving a little room for indulgence.

We believe a healthy and balanced diet is key to a happy, strong, and energizing lifestyle. 


What's Included

  • 47 Page Guide...Practical nutritional education for women on-the-go
  • SISSFiT Nutrition Philosophy...Learn how to choose the right foods to reach your fitness and lifestyle goals
  • Caloric Intake.. Determine how many calories you should be eating and figure out a deficit (if needed)
  • Pre & Post Workout Eats...Find out the best foods to eat before and after you train to get the best results
  • Dining Out Cheat Sheet...If you’re not sure what to choose, this will help you make smart choices when you’re at a restaurant
  • 7 Day Jumpstart Meal Plan...Kick off this 7 day challenge with an easy meal plan to follow
  • Printable Meal Planning Templates...Plan what you’ll eat week by week to ensure you consume what’s best, not what’s most convenient
  • Delicious Recipes…16 of our favorite easy-to-make recipes
  • Week-By-Week Goals...Each week we’ll give you a nutrition challenge
  • Travel and Everyday Tips...Stay on track no matter what hectic schedule you’re juggling
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Options...No matter your diet there’s something for you!

"I LOVE this Nutrition Guide. So practical and easy to implement. Plus, the 7 day meal plan was awesome!"

Amy, Manchester, VT

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