1. Are your guides downloadable PDFs or hard-copy?

Our guides are downloadable PDFs that can be saved and accessed on your desktop or mobile devices, as well as printed.

2. What equipment do I need for SISSFiT ELEVATE?

We recommend two sets of dumbbells, a step bench, and an exercise mat, although not all equipment is required throughout each resistance training workout.  We also recommend access to cardio machines (e.g. treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike), or the ability to perform outdoor walking, running, or swimming.

3. Do your workouts require access to a gym?

No, our workouts can be performed almost anywhere!  Although gyms are typically convenient, with the proper equipment, at-home, or outdoor workouts are a great option.

4. Am I required to run?

Absolutely not.  We have structured our cardio workouts in a manner that will guide and allow you to perform your favorite method of cardio whether that be swimming, elliptical, stationary bike, etc.

5.  How long are your workouts?

Each resistance training workout is 34-minutes in length, and each cardio workout is 30 minutes or less.

6.  What if I am traveling or don't have access to equipment?

We have you covered!  In addition to the 8 weeks of workouts, we have included a "Vacation Week" of workouts that do not require any equipment and can be substituted when necessary.


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