4 Week Treadmill Program to Drop Race Times, Burn Fat, and Build Lean Muscle

Build Strength • Get Faster • No More Boredom

The secret to getting faster and fitter

What’s the secret to getting faster and fitter? Speedwork to improve turnover and inclines to build strength. This is exactly what our 4-week treadmill guide Accelerate will do for you.

We know, we know, you “hate running on a treadmill” and dread cardio. We did too! That was until we learned how to properly incorporate intervals... All of a sudden, the time flew by, our speed and mileage improved, and we got into amazing shape.

Our Accelerate plan includes three 30 minute workouts a week that focus on strength, endurance, and speed to improve your turnover, build lean muscle, and burn fat (300-500 calories per workout!).


"After completing my 1st round of Accelerate, I ran a 5k today @ 25:47 down from 27:32! So glad I found your program!!!! "

Katie C

"After each workout I was drenched in sweat and felt a deep sense of accomplishment [...] I felt my legs get slimmer and more toned as the weeks went on. After the first few workouts I had sore abs from the speed and inclines. 10/10 recommend their treadmill guide!"

Jeannette M

"In just four short weeks I have noticed a huge improvement in my overall running. Thanks to the speed intervals, I’ve discovered gears I didn’t even know I had and I’ve beat my 1 mile and 5k pace records significantly. Thanks SISSFiT!"

Laura N

"So excited!!! After just a couple weeks of the SISSFiT treadmill training I got my 5k time down to 23:30... haven’t seen a number like that in years!"

Kristin Q
We guarantee you will improve your race times and love ACCELERATE or your money back! 

Accelerate Is For Individuals...

Improve Race Times

For those seeking speed work, Accelerate will help you decrease your race times. As you progress through the workouts you will develop an increase in foot speed and turnover as well as quicker recovery time.

Beginner to Elite Runners

From beginner to marathon runners, Accelerate workouts are personalized to your ability and will grow with you. The guide includes 9 jog speeds (4.0-8.0) so you can easily follow along and challenge yourself as you improve.

Bored With Treadmills

Our HIIT treadmill workouts are the most efficient use of your time because you will burn calories while building lean muscle in under 30 min. These short bouts of intense energy followed by recovery spike and lower your heart rate, allowing you to burn fat during and after.

What You Get

  • Digital Guide...Easy-to-follow program from start to finish
  • MPH and KPH...Use these workouts no matter where you are in the world
  • 4 Strength, 4 Endurance and 4 Speed workouts...Burn 300-500+ calories in 30-minutes or less
  • Personalized Intervals...No need to print out and fill in, you will have the workouts for each jog pace
  • Introduction Video...Before you begin we’ll go over everything you need to get started and to be successful
  • Exclusive Community...Access to a private Facebook group where you can ask us questions and interact with other participants
  • Lifetime Access...You can log into your account to gain access to all the workouts anytime, anywhere  

What Makes SISSFiT Different

As former DI sprinters, sisters, and best friends we know how important it is to support and encourage each other to succeed and reach our goals. When you buy Accelerate you aren't just buying a guide, you are becoming a part of our FiTSISSter community. You'll get access to our exclusive Facebook community where you can ask us questions and get inspiration from us and your fellow FiTSISSters.

BONUS #1: Free Strength Workout Videos

Need some strength workouts in-between your treadmill sessions? Get instant access to a library of our best workout videos that you can follow along with inside your account.

BONUS #2: Exclusive Offers and Discounts

As a part of the SISSFiT community we'll give you some great offers and discounts to some of our favorite brands. 

Reach Your Fitness Goals With Accelerate

Whether you want to workout at home, in the gym, or while you're traveling these workouts are for you!


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