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6-Week SISSFiT Summer Challenge Starts September 12, 2022









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What should you expect?

Experienced trainers. Quick, effective workouts. Accountability and community.

Are you a mom or busy professional with limited time but want to be fit so you can look and feel your best? Maybe you're running an upcoming race and you want to improve your time? If yes, this challenge is for you (and no, you don't have to be a runner!).  Inside our app, FASTER by SISSFiT, the full 6 week plan is laid out and extremely easy to follow. You don't have to think! Just show up and we'll coach you through your headphones to world-class DJ mixes and keep you motivated the entire time. Only 5, 30 min workouts per week, and you have the flexibility to combine them to make it 3, 4 or 5 days!

You will finish this challenge feeling more confident, stronger, fitter, and in a workout routine that you can maintain moving forward.

2 Audio Coached HIIT Runs Per Week (1 Treadmill, 1 Outdoor Run) and 1 Cardio of Your Choice. If you're new to our workouts, think Orangetheory Fitness and Barry's Bootcamp.

2 HIIT Strength Workouts Per Week. 30 min strength workouts. 1 lower body and 1 upper body per week + an optional core circuit.

Facebook Group For Community, Access to your coaches (us!), Weekly Running Tips, Accountability Tracking & Prizes!

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Results from REAL community members


"I thought it was an awesome challenge...pushed me more than I would have myself...all because of the audio coaching, the accountability, and the community..." - Deanna

“My secret weapon for dropping my race times. I set an awesome PR in my 5K and I'm really proud..." - Emily

“Was able to PR my 5K by 1.32 sec… Love the audio coaching and music...”
- Samantha

Results from REAL community members


"I ended up shaving 4 min off my trial time. with the women is something you can't find anywhere else.” -Deanna


“My secret weapon for dropping my race times. I set an awesome PR in my 5K and I'm really proud..." - Emily


“Was able to PR my 5K by 1.32 sec… Love the audio coaching and music...”
- Samantha

This challenge is FREE for FASTER by SISSFiT subscribers!

If you're not a member, we'll give you a 14 day free trial and then it's only $19.99/mth. That means you can join this challenge and get the entire 6 week plan for less than $20!!!

This Challenge is for you if you want to...

  • Get leaner, stronger & faster in 6 weeks
  • Drop race times (maybe even PR your next race)
  • Discover the most efficient training to build lean muscle and burn fat
  • Shake up your routine and try something new and fun!

Workouts are approx 30 minutes each. You can combine workouts to turn your week into 3 or 4 days instead of 5.

BONUS: Weekly core circuit, alternative cardio options, stretching routines & weekly running tips!

Meet Your Coaches, Lauren and Kelly

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Hey all! We're your coaches and we are thrilled to be coaching you through this 6 week challenge.

We are both former Division 1 track and field athletes, trainers and sports models with a real life understanding of how to balance work, kids and life with the desire to stay fit, healthy and train like an athlete! Yes, we've both had demanding careers outside of being trainers! :)

We don't like to waste time, so if you're used to a lot of steady state high mileage, this challenge is going to mix things up for you but if you trust us and work hard we can nearly guarantee you'll reach your goals.

Over these next 6 weeks, we will be personally coaching each of your runs through your headphones. This is different from most apps and it gives us the ability to personalize your workout and push you throughout.  Each of the strength workouts throughout this challenge have been designed to build lean muscle and the strength you'll need to become a faster, stronger and more balanced runner.

We also have over 10,000 playlists to choose from within our app, meaning you'll have incredible options for every workout and mood.

If you need help finding something, just ask! We are accessible via email and the Facebook group to answer any questions.

We look forward to seeing you stronger, leaner and faster in 6 short weeks!

Stay Inspired, Stay Strong,

Lauren and Kelly

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6 weeks of training that will make you faster, stronger and leaner for less than $20! What do you have to lose??

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