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Fitsisster @lynnerd316 looking adorably fit!  

Fitsisster @lynnerd316 looking adorably fit!



Fun Fact: Sounds dorky, and a little unbelievable, but starting every spring I have a goal to find 200 or more 4 leaf clovers and I press and keep ALL of them since I was 15 years old. I also love going boating and fishing and boating in the Florida swamps with my father, and hanging out at “ No See Island” by ponce lighthouse.

Method of Cardio: Running outside and on the outdoor track.

Favorite workout of the week: Well, I can just pick one, but the HIIT Cardio was my favorite every week and #getoutsidesaturday

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: My favorite aspect is that I was able to do all of the workouts at home and by just walking out my front door and never having to go to the gym! I'm always able to make time for the workouts even if I was in a time crunch, I could workout inside if it was rainy or I could go to the park and do the circuits outside.

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: Well I have always been an avid long distance runner and have always used running as my core method of exercise, but since having a Hysterectomy this past December I realized that I needed something different that would challenge me just as much, if not more than just running. I started the 8 week program and have loved every minute of it! The 8 week program has been more easy on my body, but I have gained more strength and endurance in the past 8 weeks than I ever could have with just 8 weeks of running. I love the intensity and how awesome I feel after and I cant wait to start another 8 weeks! Such a positive experience and I am so happy that you all have created this and share it with everyone!