$10 Of Every Sign Up Goes to the Kylie Rowand Foundation

Stay Fit & Healthy Through The Holidays

A 2 Week Challenge To Keep You On Track

November 19 - December 2

Amidst all the fitness fads screaming for your attention, every now and then there’s one that will change the way you think about working out (and even your life)...well, our SISSFiT philosophy is that one.


Hey! We’re Kelly and Lauren. We’re certified trainers, former Division I Track and Field athletes, and the founders of SISSFiT. We’ve helped thousands of woman get fitter, faster, and stronger with our 30 minute HIIT strength and cardio workouts.

SISSFiT was created out of our need for quick, effective workouts. We both had crazy travel schedules for work (still do!) and struggled getting in consistent workouts. Between the lack of equipment, jet lag, and inconsistent routines, we knew we needed to get creative and figure out workouts that we could do anytime we had a few free minutes, that kept us motivated, and, most importantly, got results.

We started texting each other workouts that we could do while on the road in our rooms and hotel gyms, and SISSFiT was born. 

Our workouts are for all levels and can be done almost anywhere. They are for people who are busy yet still want a challenging workout.

Our #1 goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge to fit in efficient and effective workouts no matter where you, regardless of your limitations.

You do NOT need to workout an hour plus a day to get results. In fact, with a healthy diet, you just need to be consistent and train hard 30 minutes a few times a week.

Nothing makes us happier than witnessing people make this mental shift because they look and feel better than ever before and they have the time back to do more of the things they love.

Don’t believe us? That’s why we’re hosting this inexpensive 2 week group challenge so you can experience our workouts and see for yourself.

Since we started SISSFiT out of necessity due to our hectic and chaotic lives, we felt there wasn’t a better time to host a group challenge than during the holidays when life can spin out of control...

"The hardest part was wrapping my mind around only spending 30 min. per workout. I was used to running/walking up to 10 miles per day and only seeing minimal results, but the amount of time spent exercising was killing me. The 26-28 min. HIIT programs has transformed my body. I cannot say enough positive words to express my gratitude and positive changes that I have seen within my body and mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" Kristy

What The 2 Week Challenge Will Look Like

Our holiday challenge isn't about some crazy fitness fad that you will forget next week.

It's about showing you a real and practical fitness plan that's sustainable well beyond the 2 weeks with us. 

This is just a bit of what it will look like...

  • Get stronger: On Mon, Wed, and Fri you can push play and follow along a video as we take you through a 27 min HIIT strength workout.
  • Get leaner and fitter: On Tue and Thu we'll coach you through your headphones via Fit Radio. You can choose between a 30 min treadmill, outdoor run, or elliptical workout! Don't have Fit Radio? No worries! A 30 day free trial of Fit Radio is included!
  • Eat healthier: We'll send you daily nutrition tips and some of our favorite recipes.
  • Stay accountable: You’ll get a workout planner and be entered to win some awesome prizes if you complete your workouts.
  • Give back: $10 of every sale will go to the Kylie Rowand Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for new, promising, less toxic treatments for childhood cancer.
  • And so much more...

Our Favorite Part (And Secret Weapon)

Our amazing group of women! 

We have been blessed with so many supportive, encouraging, and inspiring participants that come back again and again.

Our exclusive Facebook community for this challenge will not only connect you with us to answer any questions during our live Q&As, you'll also be able to meet and share your fitness journey with other people just like you!

The Big Question...

If you've skipped down to the bottom to see how much this costs, you may be surprised at how inexpensive it is. 

Why? The simple answer: we want to help as many people as possible realize that even with their busy and hectic lives, they only need a little time to make fitness a priority. This, in turn, will help them look and feel their best.

Ultimately, we want to prove that you only need 30 minutes to make big changes. 

Are you ready to get started? Click the link below to sign up!



November 19 - December 2


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