Intended for those who have already completed 8 weeks of ELEVATE.  Bringing you even more strength, speed, and agility, ELEVATE 2.0 is sure to bring out your inner athlete!  Building on the original ELEVATE Strength and Cardio Guide, 2.0 includes more advanced exercises and cardio workouts that are aimed at leaning and sculpting your best physique.  With workouts you can take anywhere, it's time to get ELEVATE'd!

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ELEVATE 8-week workout guide includes:

  •  Day-by-day workouts that can be done anywhere
  •  3 Resistance Training workouts/week
    •  Minimal equipment required
  •  2 Cardio workouts/week
    • Personalized Treadmill Running workouts offered in MPH or KPH
    • Alternative Cardio workouts tailored to your preferred method of cardio
  • Stretching
    •  5-minute Everyday Stretching routines
    • 30-minute Extended Stretching sequence
  • Bonus "Vacation" Week
    • 3 bodyweight Resistance Training workouts that can be done anywhere!
    • 2 Alternative Cardio workouts that can be done anywhere!