Learn to love treadmill running!  With the use of personalized intervals, these 12 workouts will fly by leaving you with a sense of accomplishment you never knew could come from running on a treadmill.  Burn 300-500+ calories in 30-minutes or less, improve strength, endurance, and speed, drop mileage time, blast fat, build lean muscle, and feel incredible!!  


Whether you’re a new runner or an elite athlete, these workouts have been personalized to ensure that each individual is being pushed to their potential.  Use these workouts as the perfect supplement to any strength training program (ELEVATE or other) or utilize them to gain foot speed and dramatically improve race times!  Time to ACCELERATE!



ACCELERATE 4-week Treadmill Guide Includes:

-12 treadmill interval workouts (3/week)

-4 Strength runs

-4 Endurance runs

-4 Speed runs

-Personalized workouts for each individual ranging from new runner to elite athlete

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