@myflairlady, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group

@myflairlady, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group


Fun Fact: Moved 18x in the past 10 years.

Occupation: Mom of 2 year old and two large fluffers!

Method of Cardio: Chasing toddler, running through grocery store, stairs for laundry duty (limited time for cardio).

Favorite workout of the week: Total Body

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: The fast pace, bodyweight exercises (no extra equipment please- this scatterbrain mom can't deal), and fast results!! Ay! I was already floored by week six.  Pretty and powerful muscles!

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: SISSFiT changed my body. Not just changed my body into just getting fit again for another month or so until I let myself go again.  It changed my body by developing muscles that I have only ever seen on legit athletes or fitness ads (i.e. muscles between hamstring and butt- whatever it's called, lower ab muscles and obliques that I've NEVER been able to achieve with any other program).  I can't shut up about how different and better this program is.  In a nutshell, it's LASTING muscle tone that you're excited to "wear".  Once you start, you'll wonder why you waited.