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Fitsisster @sophia.suarez117 rocking her incredible post-baby #2 bod!  

Fitsisster @sophia.suarez117 rocking her incredible post-baby #2 bod!



Fun Fact: I competed college gymnastics at MIT and was the DIII Uneven Bars National Champion in 2008.

Occupation: Mom of two boys

Method of cardio used during SISSFiT ELEVATE: Treadmill

Favorite SISSFiT ELEVATE workout of the week: HIIT Cardio

 Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: I love everything about these workouts! To try and narrow it down, I love the convenience, the style and the efficacy. The convenience enables me to fit in workouts during my kid’s naps, but also enables me to workout when we are traveling, which we do quite a lot these days. I enjoy body-weight circuits because that’s the style of strength training I grew up doing as a gymnast. With this program I was able to do that while also incorporating running (something I have always hated...more on that below). The workouts are really well designed to incorporate full body strength as well as cardio into an easy to follow program. 

What impact has SISSFiT ELEVATE had on your life: I count it a blessing that I’ve always enjoyed exercise. However, that being said, I have NEVER enjoyed running. I’ve always wanted to because it is such a great workout, but I’ve always found it boring and painful (not in a good way). The way Lauren and Kelly designed the cardio workouts has completely changed my opinion. I actually get excited about the running workouts! I love the intervals because it doesn’t get boring. Even the longer stretches in the endurance workouts are just the right length to still keep me engaged. And having the half mile run to check my progress every four weeks showed me that I was actually getting better at running in a short period of time, which was really encouraging. Overall this program was a tremendous help in getting back to a fitness level that I hadn’t been able to reach since having my second son. I can’t wait for version 2.0!

Fitsisster @rlrohleder looking fit, healthy, and happy with her adorable pups!  

Fitsisster @rlrohleder looking fit, healthy, and happy with her adorable pups!



Fun Fact: I love doing yoga with my husband in our free time!

Occupation: Graduate student/graduate teaching assistant

Method of cardio used during SISSFiT ELEVATE: Treadmill!

Favorite SISSFiT ELEVATE workout of the week: Total body

 Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: My favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE is how much I can accomplish in such little time! I do not have a lot of free time to spend at the gym as a graduate student and that is why I love this program!

What impact has SISSFiT ELEVATE had on your life: SISSFiT ELEVATE provides me with the tools necessary to be successful on my fitness journey.  As a graduate student with minimal free time I do not have to agonize over what to do during my workouts and that is an awesome feeling, one less thing to stress!  The workouts are also quite challenging but not to the point where you dread the workout of the day.  I find the days when I struggle through a SISSFiT ELEVATE workout the most I become more mentally resilient.  This resiliency leads me to push harder through my next workout.

         I am currently in my second cycle of SISSFiT ELEVATE and can see where I have made improvements (ex: longer broad jumps and better endurance, heck yes!) It is great to make physical gains, but I have also made mental gains throughout this process.  When I completed SISSFiT ELEVATE on my first cycle I was only able to complete two rounds of each resistance training circuit as opposed to the recommended three.  The SISSFiT mission, stay inspired stay strong, helps me make gains mentally that I would not have thought possible. 

         While nutrition is what I struggle with most, the SISSFiT ELEVATE program is a great guide to get on the right track.  It is not just enough to do the workouts, but making sure to fuel your body with proper nutrients.  It is through proper nutrition I am able to notice better performance and weight loss progress.

         I am so appreciative of Lauren and Kelly for creating SISSFiT ELEVATE, as it not only provides me physical strength, but the mental strength I was lacking, which I now utilize in my life outside the gym! J 

Fitsisster @lynnerd316 looking adorably fit!  

Fitsisster @lynnerd316 looking adorably fit!



Fun Fact: Sounds dorky, and a little unbelievable, but starting every spring I have a goal to find 200 or more 4 leaf clovers and I press and keep ALL of them since I was 15 years old. I also love going boating and fishing and boating in the Florida swamps with my father, and hanging out at “ No See Island” by ponce lighthouse.

Method of Cardio: Running outside and on the outdoor track.

Favorite workout of the week: Well, I can just pick one, but the HIIT Cardio was my favorite every week and #getoutsidesaturday

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: My favorite aspect is that I was able to do all of the workouts at home and by just walking out my front door and never having to go to the gym! I'm always able to make time for the workouts even if I was in a time crunch, I could workout inside if it was rainy or I could go to the park and do the circuits outside.

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: Well I have always been an avid long distance runner and have always used running as my core method of exercise, but since having a Hysterectomy this past December I realized that I needed something different that would challenge me just as much, if not more than just running. I started the 8 week program and have loved every minute of it! The 8 week program has been more easy on my body, but I have gained more strength and endurance in the past 8 weeks than I ever could have with just 8 weeks of running. I love the intensity and how awesome I feel after and I cant wait to start another 8 weeks! Such a positive experience and I am so happy that you all have created this and share it with everyone!


Fitsisster @jillpilling before SISSFiT and after 1 round of ELEVATE!  

Fitsisster @jillpilling before SISSFiT and after 1 round of ELEVATE!



Fun Fact: 44 year old mom with 4 kids ;)

Occupation: Office Manager

Method of Cardio: Treadmill running

Favorite workout of the week: Lower body, especially when my thighs are clapping together at the top of the squat jacks ha ha!

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: Only takes less than 35 minutes of my time, and I love how the workouts keep me challenged and I don't get bored.  Mixing it up on the daily =D

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: I feel strong again and like I just want to keep going and continue improving. This first round I took 56 seconds off my half mile time and increased nearly a full round on the test workout.  Can't wait for 2.0! 


Fitsisster @jb2008 looking strong and incredible!  

Fitsisster @jb2008 looking strong and incredible!


Jess putting in work with her adorable kiddos!

Jess putting in work with her adorable kiddos!


Fun Fact: I ran Division 1 Track & Field

Occupation: Stay at home mom

Method of Cardio: Spin bike and running with a stroller

Favorite workout of the week: The upper body and core are my favorite. I saw the quickest improvement with my upper body and the push-ups getting easier.

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: The length of the workouts is perfect for me.  I can fit them in during nap times and be done for the day. The limited equipment made it easy for at home workouts!

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: The workouts have helped me stay consistent which has been something I have been lacking.  They are quick and easy to do and help keep me on track. 


Fitsisster @chrissywhiskers and boyfriend Jon

Fitsisster @chrissywhiskers and boyfriend Jon


Fun Fact: I met Lauren and Kelly at a Kenny Chesney concert.  They know how to have fun!

Occupation: Consultant in the BioPharma industry

Method of Cardio: Treadmill

Favorite workout of the week: Even though it's the toughest, the interval runs (HIIT Cardio) have been the best part for me.  I think sprinting changes and tones my mid section in a way that ab exercises alone can't accomplish!

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: The independence to workout on-the- go, which is important because most weeks I am traveling for work or fun!

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: First, the SISSFIT workouts brought running back into my life in a very accessible way. I loved running when I was younger, but life got in the way and I had not been on a run in years. Second, by learning the efficient and fun exercise combinations, I now have the ability to put together fantastic workouts for myself anytime and anywhere!


@bridgetcokeefe all smiles post run!

@bridgetcokeefe all smiles post run!


Fun Fact: Ran division 1 cross country/ Track & Field

Occupation: 2nd Grade Teacher

Method of Cardio: Treadmill

Favorite workout of the week: HIIT Cardio

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: I love these workouts because it is so easy to fit a high-quality workout into a busy day. Because the workouts are usually less than 35 minutes, I don’t have an excuse to skip a workout just because I woke up late or had a crazy day at work. I can always squeeze 30 minutes in SOMEWHERE.

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: I enjoy all of the workouts, but the cardio workouts have made running on the treadmill FUN again! I won’t lie, I am definitely more of an outdoor runner, but I am often not able to run outside because of weather or darkness. I used to dread indoor treadmill runs, but the sissfit workouts make running on the tread fun AND effective. The workouts are always changing, keeping me on my toes, and challenging my fitness.

Added bonus: A few months ago at the gym, while I was really getting into a workout, the man next to me commented “Wow, you’re fast! You OWN that treadmill!” It’s safe to say that made me feel like I was doing SOMETHING right! =D

Debbie staying fit with her SISSFiT workouts on the road!

Debbie staying fit with her SISSFiT workouts on the road!


Fun Fact: Absolutely love waterskiing.

Occupation: Retired

Method of Cardio: Stationary Bike

Favorite workout of the week: Total Body

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: The workouts can be done anywhere.  We are retired and travel in a motorhome and I'm able to get a great workout with this program.

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: I like that the program will work for any age group and you can easily modify it to fit your ability.

@ashleecomrie, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group

@ashleecomrie, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group

Ashlee looking incredible, confident, and HAPPY on her honeymoon!

Ashlee looking incredible, confident, and HAPPY on her honeymoon!


Fun Fact: I love carbs and arugula salads :)

Occupation: General Manager of Alfred Coffee 

Method of Cardio: Treadmill runs! The death of me but the most self fulfilling when I finished.

Favorite workout of the week: Lower Body!!

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: My Favorite part was the short time it took me to get my heart racing and my body aching with good pain. I am not a gym person but to self motivate myself with an interval timer and to finish a work out panting on the floor was all I needed to truly fulfill my day. Making time for myself using a workout plan like the one you created was easy to put into my life style because how easy access it was. Doing it in my apartment alley way, gym class rooms, and the spare bedroom in my house. All accessible with no excuses :)

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: How important it is to find time for yourself, for yourself to feel good. I am like the 80% of the world that puts fitness last when you have a hard day or feeling low on energy and to be so dedicated to this program and seeing the progress not only in my looks but in my heart was the best feeling. I will continue to do these work outs and preach how fast I saw progress through the SissFit Elevate program. Forever grateful!!!

Cathy, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group

Cathy, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group


Fun Fact: 1 of 7 children

Occupation: Photography Office Manager 

Method of Cardio: Treadmill 

Favorite workout of the week: Total Body

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: It is so do-able.  You can normally find 45 minutes a day to fit in a workout, especially without having to go to a gym or location to workout.

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: SISSFiT ELEVATE has been the perfect workout for me.  I can do at home when it's convenient for me!  This makes it very sustainable.  Also, the fact that it can be modified to my specific needs makes it extra great.  It has without a doubt given me a stronger/leaner body, increased my strength making everyday tasks easier, and an overall boost in comfort and confidence.

@danakent, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group

@danakent, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group


Fun Fact: Played competitive volleyball for 8 years

Occupation: Administrative Assistant for a property management company 

Method of Cardio: Treadmill and track workouts

Favorite workout of the week: Lower Body

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: There are so many amazing aspects of this program that I absolutely love, but if I had to say one it would be the time.  I am very busy (as is everyone) and work really long days, so being able to get in an intense workout in under an hour is crucial.  I think this is so key because it makes this program so sustainable, which is so essential to being consistent and seeing lasting results.

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: When I was younger, all I cared about was being "skinny," but after doing SISSFiT it totally changed my perspective.  I started to care so much more about being stronger and no longer doing "girl push-ups," rather than fitting into a certain size or weighing a certain amount.  It was incredible seeing my strength progress every week and really helped to shift my thinking in regards to fitness and my body to such a healthier place.  And for that I will always be grateful to Lauren & Kelly!

@sarascobee, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group, with daughter Parker.

@sarascobee, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group, with daughter Parker.


Fun Fact: Played softball at Auburn University

Occupation: SAHM

Method of Cardio: Treadmill

Favorite workout of the week: Lower Body minus any burpees :)

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: efficient workout time for sure, and also limited gym use, loved being able to travel around and still get a good workout in using bodyweight.

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: made me more accountable to get something done even if I couldn't get to the gym.

@e_kowal, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group

@e_kowal, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group


Fun Fact: When I was a kid, I sold hand painted rocks door-to-door to my neighbors.

Occupation: Investment Management

Method of Cardio: Treadmill, track and running outdoors

Favorite workout of the week: Total Body

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: The workouts are so convenient and easy to fit into my schedule!  I feel I can do them anytime and anywhere - in my living room, at a hotel gym while I'm on the road traveling for work, or even at a nearby park or track.  As long as I have my running shoes, I can squeeze in a workout that makes me feel good.

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: I miss the competitive feeling of being an athlete and SISSFiT ELEVATE made me realize that I can reawaken that feeling and incorporate it into my life, no matter how busy I am or how much my life has changed over the years.

@myflairlady, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group

@myflairlady, member of SISSFiT ELEVATE trial group


Fun Fact: Moved 18x in the past 10 years.

Occupation: Mom of 2 year old and two large fluffers!

Method of Cardio: Chasing toddler, running through grocery store, stairs for laundry duty (limited time for cardio).

Favorite workout of the week: Total Body

Favorite aspect of SISSFiT ELEVATE: The fast pace, bodyweight exercises (no extra equipment please- this scatterbrain mom can't deal), and fast results!! Ay! I was already floored by week six.  Pretty and powerful muscles!

Impact of SISSFiT ELEVATE: SISSFiT changed my body. Not just changed my body into just getting fit again for another month or so until I let myself go again.  It changed my body by developing muscles that I have only ever seen on legit athletes or fitness ads (i.e. muscles between hamstring and butt- whatever it's called, lower ab muscles and obliques that I've NEVER been able to achieve with any other program).  I can't shut up about how different and better this program is.  In a nutshell, it's LASTING muscle tone that you're excited to "wear".  Once you start, you'll wonder why you waited.