Thank you for your order at SISSFiT. Unique links to your digital goods will be emailed to you. Thouroughly read instructions below before beginning any ELEVATE Guide. 

If you purchased only the Nutrition Guide, Disregard the remainder of this email.

5 steps to ultimate SISSFiT success after download:
  1. Save ALL documents (you can print or transfer between mobile devices)
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Overview and all Workout instructions
  3. Choose ONE method of cardio (Treadmill Running-MPH, Treadmill Running-KPH, or Alternative Cardio- walking, swimming, bike, elliptical, or outdoor running)
  4. Print or transfer the following files to your mobile devices:
   a. Resistance Training
   b. Cardio method of choice
   c. Stretching Guide
  5. KICK BUTT!! 

**IOS users (Iphone and Ipad) we suggest downloading and saving all guides to a desktop before transferring to mobile devices to ensure easy “unzipping” of files. If you choose to open directly on an IOS device you will need to install Izipto unzip the files in your guides (with the exception of the Nutrition Guide)