Your New Year’s Resolutions To Get In Shape, As Told By The Gilmore Girls

January means….New Year's Resolutions!

new years.gif

1. You’ve been eating too much over the holidays (and most of 2017), so you tell yourself you’re going to lose 20lbs over the next 2 months

This is the year I’m going to fit into my jeans from college.

fit into your jeans.gif

2. You throw away all your junk food and fill your fridge with “good, clean” food...

It’s pronounced “keen-wah” and “kahm-BOOCH-ah”.

clean eating.gif

3. You join the hip, trendy fitness studio near your house...

I know it’s expensive, but if it works for Gwyneth Paltrow then it will work for me.

join a gym.gif

4. Make sure all your friends know your new lifestyle change...

I’m gluten-free now. OMG, don’t you know how bad it is for you?


5. And buy a few more cute workout outfits.

Now I can wear all my lululemon gear and not pretend I just finished a yoga class.


6. January 2nd you get up early and go to the 6am class.

Do people actually get up this early?

too eary for gym.gif

7. You make it through the first week of salads for every meal, no booze and bed by 9, but Friday rolls around and you’re invited to happy hour by your boss and you can’t say no.

How many calories are in vodka?


8. By the second week you're hitting snooze, saying you'll go to the gym after work but you never make it.

Netflix kept automatically starting the next episode of Stranger Things, so it wasn't my fault.


9. You've starved yourself for three weeks now and are constantly hangry, so you decide it’s ok to have a “cheat day”.

I just got my period and I will DIE if I don’t eat chocolate right now. Literally.


10. By the end of week four you fall off the wagon hard. You blackout and wake up in a sea of takeout containers and candy bar wrappers surrounding your couch.

There's always 2019

take out food.gif


If you truly want to reach your fitness goals, you need a PLAN

Don't be like most people who make a New Year's resolution to "get in shape" with no road map to follow, only to give up by the end of January.  Click here to get a free 7 Day Workout Plan with short, effective workouts created for busy people like you!

Kelly Collins