Foam Rolling.....Where to Even Begin?

As collegiate athletes, foam rolling was not only second nature, but also an unquestionable part of our recovery routine.  However, as we have stepped out of our roles as athletes and into the “real world” we have come to realize that foam rolling can be a foreign subject and the question of “Where Do I Even Begin” often comes into play.  Here, we will break down why foam rolling is so important and discuss our reasoning behind our Pick Of The Week and favorite foam roller, the VYPER 2.0.  

The VYPER has been our go-to foam roller since the first edition was released back in our collegiate Track and Field days.  Not only is it the original vibration foam roller, the VYPER has 3 vibration speeds which helps to relax and penetrate deeper into your muscles than standard foam rollers.  This aids in flexibility, circulation and the reduction of muscle soreness (and did we mention the vibration function makes it hurt way less too?!)  The VYPER can increase your range of motion up to 40% making it twice as effective in warming up and actively recovering.  

To be completely honest, we have a tendency to "fall off" of foam rolling for periods of time and it always results in unnecessary aches and pains.  Like most ex-athletes, we love to frequently push our bodies in workouts but without the proper care it's easy to wind up on the brink of an injury.  Taking just 5-10 minutes a few times per week to foam roll helps to combat unnecessary injuries and makes your body feel SO MUCH BETTER!  

Check out our go-to (and totally doable) foam rolling routine.  Your body will thank you!


SISSFiT’s 10-Minute Foam Rolling Routine (we recommend performing this routine 2-3x per week)

 *For tutorials on “how to foam roll” these different areas click here  


1.     1 minute each leg IT Bands

2.     1 minute each leg Quads

3.     1 minute each leg Glutes

4.     1 minute each leg Hamstrings

5.     1 minute each side Hips, Calves, or Feet (your choice depending on what is most sore/in need…if you have time, do all 3!)

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