Top 5 reasons we love treadmill training! (aka ACCELERATE)

Photos by: Timothy Aukshunas


If you knew Lauren and I back in the day, “runner” would NOT be the word to describe either one of us.  In high school we opted for high jump and the 100 hurdles to avoid the harder running workouts.  By college, I had evolved into a 400 hurdler and Lauren a Heptathlete (7 events) and with this training came intense interval workouts.  The mere thought of getting on a treadmill and jogging seemed like pure TORTURE, seriously why would anyone submit themselves to that?!  Fast forward to post-college where life gets a little more real.  Getting outside for a workout, let alone the track was hardly an option when our careers were so travel heavy that we needed the “find my friend” app to know which state or country either one of us was in!  


Combining the reality of tiny hotel gyms and our desire to still have kick@$$ workouts that kept us in great shape, is what motivated us to develop HIIT treadmill workouts and eventually create ACCELERATE!  Here are our top 5 reasons why ACCELERATE workouts are now our go-to workouts:


  1. You can perform them (almost) anywhere!- whether it’s the reasonably priced local gym, or even in some of the jankiest hotel gyms (no free weights or anything), you can 99% of the time find a treadmill.

  2. Treadmills are consistent and measurable- the mph and inclines are universal across all devices (not true for stationary bikes, ellipticals etc.)  This allows for us OCD ex-athletes to be able to measure our progress!  Who doesn’t want to strive for constant, measureable improvement?

  3. It allows us the ability to PERSONALIZE your workouts and for you to trust in us- ACCELERATE workouts are NOT a one size fits all approach.  You perform a time trial before beginning in order to determine YOUR pace.  Therefore whether you’re an elite runner or a total beginner, you will be appropriately paced and challenged throughout your workout.  As you develop and progress, so does your pace.  Therefore you can trust that we will push you to your edge and you will feel an immense sense of accomplishment without the defeat of an impossible workout that wasn’t developed specifically for you.

  4. They fly by!- In 30 minutes or less, with the constant change up of speeds, inclines and duration of intervals, these workouts are over before you know it.  In essence  you “trick” yourself into doing a hard, sweat-drenched workout.  And you do so while burning 300-500+ calories in that amount of time!

  5. They WORK.- At the end of the day, we all want to feel strong, healthy and look our best.  Not only do these workouts help you to lean out and build lean muscle (hello sculpting legs and booty!), they have also helped runners and non-runners to add some serious foot speed and drop their race paces.  Our September 25th TREAD n’ SHRED challenge group dropped an average of 24 seconds on their ½ mile time trial after completing 4 weeks of ACCELERATE!


This week’s Pick of the Week is the ASICS Dynaflyte (pictured above) because they are our go-to for ACCELERATE workouts.  They are developed with kevlar in the midsole (the stuff in bullet proof vests) which allows them to be incredibly responsive.  Having proprioception is key during fast treadmill intervals so that you can feel the treadmill beneath you and really push off of the ground.  That being said the Dynaflytes also provide a lot of protection and cushioning which is necessary for running multiple times a week.  Their lightweight/cushioned/fast/responsive capabilities are why we have fallen in love with them.  If you’re looking for one of the most versatile running shoes, definitely check them out!