Pick of the Week: PlayYourCourt

Pick of the Week: PlayYourCourt!

Okay guys, listen up because this is one of the coolest services we have yet to discover!  Kelly and I have been wanting to take tennis lessons for forever (active, fun, competitive, new skill, something we could enjoy for years to come, the list goes on…), BUT we were struggling to find a time/location/coach that would work for us and our constantly changing schedules.  Cue, PlayYourCourt

Play Your Court has 1000’s of tennis pros nationwide, and instead of having to find a local tennis center, they come to you!  So, whether you have a court at your local park, your house, or know of a public court nearby, all you do is enter your zip code and they send a coach to you.  We are pretty thrilled with our coach, Dick Dell, who is a (very patient) former tour pro, but I’m sure if you didn’t click with your coach, there are plenty of other options.  We love the idea of having a coach meet us at our local court because not only is it super convenient, but it allowed us to find a coach that fits our style and personalities without being bound to our local tennis center.  Dick is also great because he is very flexible with our constantly changing schedules (not sure if all coaches would be this way), but overall we’ve had a great experience thus far and look forward to continuing to perfect our skills (haha or develop them because let’s be honest…tennis is challenging!).  

On another note, I (Lauren) am the older sister meaning I’ve always had a few years under my belt when it came to “competing” with Kelly ;).  Fortunately/unfortunately playing tennis is equally new to each of us, so it’ll be fun to continue learning together and competing as time goes…stay tuned and find out which Williams (Collins) sister takes next year’s Wimbledon!


For $40 off of 6 tennis lessons or more, use the code SISSFIT at checkout! Happy playing!