What Do Your Active Recovery Days Look Like?

Photos by: Timothy Aukshunas


As many fitness enthusiasts can probably relate, sometimes it's HARD to take recovery days!  That being said, here are some of our favorite ways to actively recover and lower our intensity when we know our bodies need a little more love and a little less stress...

1. Restorative Yoga: We used to think...why would anyone waste time or money on a class like that?  Well, let us ask you now, have you been!? Have you ever gotten a massage? That's how we feel when we leave a good restorative class!  Light stretching and gentle holds help to loosen up tight muscles in a way that very few of us ever take the time for.

2. Pilates/Vinyasa Yoga:  We love classes like these when we know we've probably been running or pounding our joints too much, but don't necessarily feel too tired or burnt out to not still crave a good muscle burn.  Nothing better than the feeling of lengthening and strengthening right!?

3. Long walks/hikes: We LOVE going for long hikes or even scenic walks when time permits.  As native Southern Californians we are accustomed to driving everywhere, but it is SO nice to just slow down and enjoy a long walk alone or to chat with good friends and family!

WHAT DO ALL OF THESE ACTIVITIES HAVE IN COMMON?  The ability to dress cute and mix in some of your favorite athleisure tights!!  That brings us back to our


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Oh and P.S.  I (Lauren) just have to throw in that it has been HARD to find comfortable workout/athleisure leggings during pregnancy, but these ones have definitely passed the test :)

Kelly Collins