Day 6: Get Outside Saturday

On Saturday's we always recommend "Getting Outside" which can be literal or figurative!  If you have the ability to literally get outside, we encourage trying something new or different such as; explore a new hike, hit the track for a workout, play tennis with a friend, go paddle boarding etc.  If you can't literally get outside due to weather, or other constraints, we recommend getting outside of your comfort zone!  Try a new group fitness class, grab a friend and make up a workout at the gym, etc.  This is your day to stay active and get comfortable with doing something different than your normal routine.  The more we can get outside of our comfort zones and routines, the more we grow and the more likely we are to accommodate curve balls in our schedules yet still find ways to fit in consistent workouts.  So be sure to give Get Outside Saturday a try!

P.S. Keep an eye on our instagram on Saturday's for great workout breakdowns and ideas!

Kelly Collins