Day 3: Lower Body

Lower Body is one of our favorite workouts of the week!  There is nothing better than having sculpted legs and booty that make you feel strong, powerful, and fast!

We find Lower Body day to be so important because not only are your legs responsible for carrying you around all day, but proper lower body training can help prevent against a number of injuries and muscle deficiencies.  

How do we structure our lower body workouts?

We focus on burnout, not bulk!!  It doesn’t take super heavy lifting and bulky legs to be strong, healthy, and powerful.  We focus on building muscle through burnout and fatigue, which in turn creates long, lean, practical muscle.  Don’t be fooled, these workouts are sure to set those legs and booty on fire, which will aid in fat burn both during and post workout!  Remember, your legs are some of the biggest muscles in your body, which means major bang for your buck when it comes to burning extra calories!

Kelly Collins