Day 2: HIIT Cardio (and why you should do it!)

HIIT Cardio is a huge staple in our weekly workout routine.  We love how powerful and strong we feel throughout a high intensity cardio workout and the fact that it not only burns fat, but also sculpts lean muscle!  These workouts are incredibly efficient and make cardio FUN instead of boring.  As D1 sprinters, we cross-trained frequently using everything from a treadmill, elliptical, bike, arm bike, pool, you name it, and always incorporated engaging intervals that were going to keep us in top shape for our sport.  We’ve carried these same principles into our post-collegiate everyday training to stay in the best shape possible, in the shortest amount of time.  Here’s what is included in our guides:



 We know, we know, you “hate running on a treadmill.”  We did too!  Until we learned how to properly incorporate intervals that made time fly by and our speed/mileage constantly improve.  These workouts are structured to challenge runners AND non-runners alike, by allowing you to choose your own “jog pace” and apply this pace to each workout.  Therefore, providing a very personalized experience vs. a one size fits all approach.



Can’t run or don’t want to try?  No problem!  This approach is slightly less personalized than Treadmill Running (due to how exact mph can be), but instead uses your rate of perceived exertion (how hard you feel that you are working) and teaches you how to apply intervals to any method of cardio you choose; elliptical, bike, outdoor running, swimming, etc. to name a few.


Regardless of which cardio approach suits you best, we are ALWAYS advocates of getting your heartrate up and going through intervals of lowering and raising HR.  It’s by far the most “bang for your buck” cardio and keeps you on your toes and constantly improving!

Kelly Collins