Day 1: Upper Body and Core

Day 1: Upper Body and Core

We’ve structured our Upper Body and Core days to focus on sculpting your upper body and midsection without adding bulk. 


Upper Body:

As former collegiate athletes, we did a lot of heavy lifting that lead to strong and powerful muscles that were incredibly effective at helping us reach our athletic goals. However,  soon after our collegiate careers ended, we realized we had different goals in mind.  We now desired strong, lean, practical muscles that could assist us in our everyday lives.  This realization played a big role in how we developed the format of our guides.  The format, paired with specifically chosen exercises, left us with a guide focused on building long, defined muscles instead of adding unnecessary bulk.  We challenge you to try a few of our Upper Body and Core workouts and let us know how you feel! J



We hugely believe that a strong core is the foundation for a strong body.  Not only are our workouts designed to sculpt that six pack, but they’re also focused on building overall strength that will prevent injury and carry over to the practicalities of life such as lifting your child, trying a new sport or activity, or simply building the small muscles that support you while you sit at your desk for extended periods of time.

Kelly Collins