3 Reasons SISSFiT ELEVATE is different!

1.     We are former Division 1 athletes, certified trainers, and models who have written workouts based on what we KNOW works.  We’ve both enjoyed wonderful, but hectic careers that have included a lot of travel, and finally decided it was time to write down the workouts we knew we could count on to keep us strong and lean despite the madness.  We’ve been creating our own workouts for 10+ years and are so excited to finally be sharing them! Oh, and bonus, they’re all 34 minutes or less!

2.     Our guides include personalized cardio for both runners AND non-runners.  Instead of generic cardio, we have created fun and engaging interval training that can be applied to your favorite cardio method of choice.  Being former track athletes, we've suffered many injuries and have utilized HIIT cardio training across many alternative methods (pool, elliptical, bike, even the arm bike!). We used to get so bored and hated running on a treadmill or just cruising on an elliptical, until we realized how exhilarating and effective high intensity cardio can be! We have you covered by creating engaging, efficient, and effective workouts no matter your preferred form of cardio.  You choose your cardio and we’ll provide the workouts accordingly!

3.     We include a Vacation Week of workouts! This week consists of all bodyweight workouts so that you never have to worry about falling off of your training.  No matter where you are you will ALWAYS have a great workout in your back pocket to supplement any workouts you will be missing.  This will eliminate any stress you might feel “getting off track” when you have to leave town, and will make for a seamless transition back into your training when you return from your vacation, work trip, or other outing.







Kelly Collins