The Perfect Fitmas Gift For The Perfect Girl!

SISSFiT Holiday Gift Guide

For some of you out there, it may seem very last minute to be purchasing gifts, but for others (us included), it’s "go time" and we are desperate for good ideas!!  The challenge for us comes when we need to buy for people like our dad and brother, but when it comes to health, fitness, and girlfriends, we’ve got you covered!! (AND some discount codes to go with because we all want to save a little money this time of year!)

Sissfit Gift Card.jpg

Okay, maybe we are biased here, but who doesn’t want to jump back on the health/fitness train as soon as January 1st hits?!



As much as she’s ready to commit to her health goals, she also wants to look cute while doing so!  Check out some of our favorite athleisure leggings and get 15% off your order using the code SISSFIT at checkout!

sol and solene updated.jpeg

And of course she will need a super cute gym bag to go with!  For some of the cutest and most functional gym bags, be sure to check out Sol and Selene and use the code SISSFIT15 at checkout for 15% off your order!

Apres 1.jpg

After a hard SISSFiT workout, she’s going to need to refuel properly!  Apres has become our “go-to” post workout drink due to it’s nutritional content and unbeatable flavor.  Use the code SISS15 for 15% off your first order!

Vyper 2.JPG

And when she gets sore after some of these intense workouts, she’s going to need the proper recovery tools to stay healthy and keep up with her program!  Our personal favorite Hyperice product is the VYPER2 foam roller.  Use the code SISSFIT30 for 30% off your order!



In case she still needs that set of dummbells at home to complete her workouts, check out our favorites here!  We personally love the deluxe rubber dumbbells and resistance bands.

kona tanning.jpg

Last but not least, sometimes a little bit of “healthy glow” can go a long way in feeling good during the winter months.  Our favorite self tanner for a nice, bronzed glow can be found right here!

That’s it! Everything she needs to look and feel great this holiday season and beyond!  We hope you enjoy each of these products as much as we do and we wish you the best holiday season to date! :)



Kelly Collins