Top 5 tips for a healthy and productive week!

Photos: Timothy Aukshunas


Do you ever crawl into bed Sunday night feeling anxious and unprepared for the week ahead? 

I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced weekends that fly by way too quickly leaving us with little time or energy to bother thinking through the next 5 days.  Here we give you our top 5 tips for quick Sunday night prep that will put your mind at ease and allow for a healthy and smooth week ahead.

SISSFiT’s Top 5 Tips:

 1. Pack your bag the night before

Such a simple task, but doing this while your mind is alert is much easier than trying to think through what you need when you’re dealing with Monday morning grogginess! (see some of our favorite items in our bag above!)

2. Plan your workouts

Having an idea for what days/times and where you plan to fit your workouts in for the week will take a lot of the guesswork out.  Come up with a rough plan and do your best to commit to it!

3. Prep your to-do list

Know what you need to get done this week.  Whether that’s grocery shopping, dry cleaning, or other chores or commitments, write it all down so that you can be efficient with your time throughout the week and avoid last minute stress or surprises.

4. Meal Prep

This might be one you don’t get around to every week depending on your weekend plans, but do your best!  Even prepping one simple dish that can serve as lunch or dinner for a couple of days will go a long way in keeping you on track.  Knowing you’ve put in the effort and have something healthy/delicious to look forward to will help ward off unnecessary impulses.

5. Pack snacks/meals

This is one of the easiest ways to avoid those office donuts and last minute drive thrus.  Keep it simple, just having a healthy protein bar, some raw nuts, or an apple could take the edge off your hunger and tide you over until you can find a healthier option. 

Why is Sol and Selene our SISSFiT Pick of the Week?

Simply put, we live life on the go.  This means that we need a functional bag or backpack to tote around all of our belongings from our computer to our gym shoes and everything between.  However, why stop at functional when you can have fashionable as well?!  When we found Sol and Selene, we knew we had met our perfect match.  With plenty of room to store all of our last minute “throw-ins” in addition to an easy to clean and sleek look, it was a no brainer.  Whether we are headed to the office, gym, or traveling, we no longer have to worry about “what bag should I pack?!” 


The backpack pictured in our photos is the Motivator (large), but do yourself a favor and check out their array of awesome bags and backpacks.  If you love them as much as we do, use the code SISSFIT15 at checkout for a 15% discount!  Happy Weekly Prepping!



Lauren and Kelly