WCW interview with Yin Yoga Expert @yoga_with_kassandra

As athletes, we have learned the importance of slowing it down and listening to your body.  Yin Yoga is an incredible aspect of our "Recovery Day", as it helps to reset our bodies both mentally and physically.  We are excited to introduce Yoga Expert, Kassandra (specializing in Yin Yoga and Yoga for Athletes)!

Name: Kassandra Reinhardt

Instagram: @yoga_with_kassandra

Residence: Ottawa, Canada

Fun Fact:  I love popcorn more than anything!

About yourself: I'm an Ottawa based yoga teacher with an online yoga business.  I teach Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga through my youtube channel and website.  I love being able to connect with students from all over the world and having the freedom to take my job with me wherever I go.  I also coach other health & wellness professionals on how they can also bring their business and services online for more growth and opportunity.

What types of workouts do you enjoy to do when you are not practicing yoga?  I love going for walks!  I try to take an hour long walk outside every single day.  It helps me focus during long work days and boosts my creativity.  Fresh air is the best!

What are the benefits of Yin Yoga?  Yin Yoga is all about joint health! It focuses on the deep connective tissues of the body to improve flexibility and joint range of motion. It's also an amazing practice that teaches us to accept ourselves just the way we are and helps us learn to listen to our bodies. It's great for anyone wanting to learn meditation and can do wonders for those with anxiety.

Favorite fitness/nutrition tip: Drink more water!!! It's so simple that it's often overlooked but increasing the amount of water I drink has completely changed my digestive health and the look of my skin.

 Youtube: www.youtube.com/yogawithkassandra and Facebook: www.facebook.com/kryoga

Kelly Collins