3 Reasons to learn to embrace CARDIO

Let's be honest, unless you're an avid runner, it's hard to get super excited about doing cardio.  Although we haveTrack and Field backgrounds, we were sprinter/jumper athletes and can relate to the feeling of not wanting to go on a "long run" or spend hours on a cardio machine.  For this reason, we made it our mission to share the most engaging, efficient and EFFECTIVE way of approaching your cardio workouts.  We regularly perform these workouts (both treadmill running and alternative cardio i.e. elliptical, stationary bike, etc.) and when done right, they WORK!  So, what are the top 3 reasons you should learn to embrace cardio?!

1. Double your results in a fraction of the time.  There is no reason to cruise on an elliptical all day at the gym or go on an hour-long run (unless you love doing so).  You will burn more calories and simultaneously build muscle tone by hitting cardio in 20-30 minute high intensity sessions.  High Intensity Cardio workouts have been proven to lean out and sculpt strong, athletic physiques.  HIIT cardio paired with circuit training is the best way to rev your metabolism and burn that extra layer of belly fat that is hiding your six-pack.  We are not claiming these workouts will be easy, but they will be over before you even realize how hard you are working...and, you may even start to love the "high" you feel as a result!

2. Improve your state of mind.  Beyond the positive effects cardio training may have on your body, it is important to note that cardio is also an effective way of combatting stress, anxiety, and even depression.  Next time you get a cardio session in, pay attention to how you feel upon completion...our bet is that those endorphins have been released and you're feeling pretty great!  Be careful, this may lead to an increase in your self-esteem ;).

3. Improve your heart and reduce the risk of disease.  Performing cardio workouts will lower your risk of many chronic and life threatening diseases such as type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease, in addition to a number of cancers. Now who doesn't want that?!



Kelly Collins