SISSFiT Tread & Shred

Two-Week Fitness Guide

Two-Weeks to a Stronger, Healthier YOU

You asked and we heard! You love treadmill and strength workouts, so we combined the two to create an awesome 2-week Tread & Shred guide that brings you three, 60-minute or less workouts per week. All you need is access to a treadmill and dumbbells.

Expect to push yourself, be sore, and love the feeling of burning 500-1000+ calories per workout...and don’t forget the after-burn effect!


"The hardest part was wrapping my mind around only spending 30 min. per workout. I was used to running/walking up to 10 miles per day and only seeing minimal results, but the amount of time spent exercising was killing me. The 26-28 min. HIIT programs has transformed my body. I cannot say enough positive words to express my gratitude and positive changes that I have seen within my body and mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"


"It ended up being one of the biggest transformations I have ever seen (and it really is only 30 minutes per day)! I have noticeably lost "cushion" around my stomach and have increased muscle tone and leanness over my entire body. I have never been a runner, especially on the treadmill, but the FitRadio coached workouts are invaluable. They make the most of my 30 minutes and are great for any level of fitness. Lauren and Kelly's tips on running form were easy to understand and implement to stop heel striking. The strength workouts are fast and effective. Do yourself a favor and trust their methods and workouts, and give it a try. "


"Overall, thank you thank you thank you for creating SISSFit and making workouts accessible (regardless of travel), challenging, and results-oriented. Also, thank you for pushing me to speeds and inclines I never thought possible (and never tried before)--you asked me to trust your system, and it really has delivered. I had no idea what I was capable of :)"


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