SISSFiT 4-Week Fall Fitness Challenge

September 16 - October 13, 2019



Summer is drawing to a close which means it is time to FALL back into a routine. Our 4-Week Fall Fitness Challenge is the perfect way to make your health and fitness a priority, despite a busy schedule. All of our workouts are 30-minutes, but drive serious results.

Our workouts can be done almost anywhere, making this challenge flexible and convenient to fit into your busy life. Starting September 16th, let us show you the most efficient and effective way to workout so you can stop wasting time and start reaching your fitness goals.

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What's Included in Your 4-Week Guide to Success

Here's how our 4-week plan will help you get results and reach your goals.

The Plan

In order to reach your goals you need a plan. Our 4-week challenge includes:

  • 3 HIIT cardio workouts per week...Put in your earbuds and we'll guide you through treadmill workouts via FitRadio (30 day trial for new members!). Don't have a treadmill? Don't sweat it! We'll have outdoor running, elliptical, and at-home options, too.
  • 2 HIIT strength workouts per week...Build long, lean muscle in 30 minutes.
  • 5-minute post-workout stretching guide...Recover and be ready to rock the next day.
  • Extended stretching routine for your recovery day...Relax and prepare your body and mind for the week ahead.
  • Nutrition education, 5 day meal plan, and recipes...Maximize your results with our nutritionist, Clara Norfleet.


It’s one thing to say you’re going to stick to an exercise routine—and another to actually do it.

  • Spreadsheet to track your workouts...Input your workouts in the group's shared spreadsheet to hold you accountable.
  • Printable weekly planners...Schedule when and where you'll complete you workouts.
  • Weekly giveaways... What's better than getting "paid" to stay on track with your fitness goal?!
    Week 1: Takeya water bottle (4 winners)
    Week 2: Perfect Bar (3 winners, 3 boxes each)
    Week 3: Jaybird Vista Headphones
    Week 4: $150 Athleta gift card
    Grand Prize: ASICS top, bottom, bra, socks & shoes!
    Team Winners: Goodr sunglasses

Support and Motivation

We've got your back. We're here to lift you up when you get down and to help you along every step of your fitness journey.

  • Private Facebook group...Meet other women, share experiences, recipes, photos, challenges, and triumphs along the way.
  • Live Q&A...Ask us anything during our weekly live session.
  • Email Support...Questions? Comments? We're here for you whenever you need us.

Bonuses Just For You!

  • 30-Day FREE trial to Fit Radio for new users...App Store's No. 1 workout music app (iPhone and Android),  featuring professional DJ mixes and all of SISSFiT's cardio and strength workouts
  • Workout Videos + Exclusive Member Discounts...Get instant access to a library of our best workout videos that you can follow along with inside your account, and discounts to some of our favorite brands.

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The SISSFiT Method

How it works

Improve Your Race Times

The “secret” to getting faster and fitter is speedwork to improve turnover and inclines to build strength. This is exactly what our treadmill and outdoor run workouts do for you.

Lose Weight And Build Lean Muscles

Our HIIT workouts are the most efficient use of your time because you will burn calories while building lean muscle. These short bouts of intense energy followed by recovery spike and lower your heart rate, allowing you to burn fat during and after.

Get Fitter And Stronger

The combination of resistance training that targets every muscle group, HIIT cardio (of your choice), and endurance cardio keeps you continuously progressing and maximizing your caloric burn because the diverse variety keeps your body guessing without adapting and plateauing.

Support And Motivation

When you join the challenge, you become a FiTSISSter for life! We'll support, motivate, and uplift you to reach your goals.

How you'll feel after the challenge...

Driving more than physical results


 You'll feel empowered to make healthy food choices to fuel your body for your lifestyle.

Full of Energy

Feel renewed with energy to do more of the things you love with the people you love.

Accomplished & Proud

Relish in knowing you have developed sustainable habits to continue beyond the challenge.


Delight in the fact that you are in control of how you look and feel.

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What Past Participants Have Said...


"It ended up being one of the biggest transformations I have ever seen (and it really is only 30 minutes per day)! I have noticeably lost "cushion" around my stomach and have increased muscle tone and leanness over my entire body. I have never been a runner, especially on the treadmill, but the FitRadio coached workouts are invaluable. They make the most of my 30 minutes and are great for any level of fitness. Lauren and Kelly's tips on running form were easy to understand and implement to stop heel striking. The strength workouts are fast and effective. Do yourself a favor and trust their methods and workouts, and give it a try. "


"The hardest part was wrapping my mind around only spending 30 min. per workout. I was used to running/walking up to 10 miles per day and only seeing minimal results, but the amount of time spent exercising was killing me. The 26-28 min. HIIT programs has transformed my body. I cannot say enough positive words to express my gratitude and positive changes that I have seen within my body and mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"


"I PR’ed a half marathon with 1.37, knocking 19 minutes off my time by SISSFiT workouts and a couple long runs! And 3rd in my age group! 🤗 Thank you Lauren Collins and Kelly Collins for such amazing workouts and empowering me where I was able to set a goal and achieve it with fun short workouts! You two are amazing!!"

Lydia V

"Overall, thank you thank you thank you for creating SISSFit and making workouts accessible (regardless of travel), challenging, and results-oriented. Also, thank you for pushing me to speeds and inclines I never thought possible (and never tried before)--you asked me to trust your system, and it really has delivered. I had no idea what I was capable of :)"

Kim P
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